Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

It is the policy of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to foster equal employment opportunity and build and maintain a positive work environment through open and collaborative communication and mutual respect. In alignment with this policy, it is the NRC’s goal to prevent and eliminate discrimination for its employees (current and former), as well as applicants for employment, based on various Federal Civil Rights Statutes, Regulations, and Policies.

The NRC works diligently to prevent employees (current and former) and applicants from being subjected to reprisal for either participating in a protected activity or opposing practices made unlawful by the relevant civil rights statutes and regulations. Moreover, the NRC engages in collaborative efforts to prevent and eliminate workplace harassment.

Any matter that falls within the scope of the EEO complaint process may be raised in a formal EEO complaint or through the negotiated grievance procedure, but not both. Employees whose claims fall outside the scope of the EEO complaint process (i.e., claims that may not be brought before the EEOC) may nonetheless raise such matters, if otherwise grievable, through the negotiated grievance procedure (CBA Article 46, Grievance Procedures). See also 29 CFR 1614, Subpart C.

Page Last Reviewed/Updated Wednesday, February 15, 2023