Forecast of Contract Opportunities

The Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-656), among other things, amended the Small Business Act to emphasize acquisition planning and requires Federal departments and agencies to compile and publish forecasts of contract opportunities each Fiscal Year (FY). The forecast projections are intended to inform the public about the agency's contracting needs and opportunities and to assist small businesses in their business development activities. The descriptions of projected opportunities are based on the best available information from the agency's program offices at the time of publication.

See the NRC FY 2023 Forecast of Contract Opportunities which include projections of commercial contract opportunities exceeding $100,000 and identifies current active contracts. Also available is a data sheet of Commercial Contracts Awards Greater than $100,000 (Microsoft Excel) and associated metadata definitions (data dictionary).

We hope that this Forecast assists you with conducting business with the NRC.

For general information about this publication, contact the NRC Small Business Program and for specific status information about a listed contract action, contact the designated NRC Division of Contracts point-of-contact noted for the contract action.