Emergency Action Level Development

Each operating nuclear power plant must include a standard emergency classification and Emergency Action Level (EAL) scheme in its emergency plans. EALs are pre-determined, site-specific, observable triggers for placing the plant in a classification such as an Unusual Event, Alert, Site-Area Emergency, or General Emergency. Plants may use NRC’s regulatory guidance as they develop their EAL scheme.

Regulatory Guidance

The NRC has developed and/or endorsed numerous guidance documents to help licensees develop a site-specific emergency action level scheme. The NRC encourages licensees, or future license applicants, to use the most recent applicable guidance. This includes using the latest revision from the following documents:

  • NEI 99-01, Rev. 4Rev. 5, & Rev. 6, "Methodology for Development of Emergency Action Levels, Nuclear Energy Institute document
  • NEI 07-01, "Methodology for Development of Emergency Action Levels, Advanced Passive Light Water Reactors", Nuclear Energy Institute document.
  • NUMARC/NESP-007, Rev. 2, “Methodology for Development of Emergency Action Levels"

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