Emergency Exercise Schedule

The NRC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determine two-year evaluated emergency preparedness exercise requirements for nuclear power plant operators and State, Tribal, and local governments. This ensures both onsite and offsite emergency preparedness capabilities are adequately evaluated.

NRC Headquarters and Regional staff typically participate in four full-scale emergency response exercises each year, selected from the list of full-scale FEMA-graded exercises required of nuclear power plants. Regional staff and selected Headquarters staff also participate in post-plume, ingestion phase response exercises. On-scene participants include the NRC licensee, as well as State, Tribal, county, and local emergency response agencies.

The NRC's Biennial Evaluated Exercise Schedule is available as a Microsoft Excel dataset with an associated data dictionary (variable list). This projected schedule includes a list of full-scale NRC/FEMA evaluated exercises. The list identifies the date and type of exercise (e.g., plume, ingestion, partial), and the participants. NRC Headquarters and Regional staff members typically participate in four full-scale emergency response plume exercises each year and may also participate in additional ingestion exposure exercises. Exercise participants may include licensee, State, Tribal, county and local governmental and emergency response agencies, NRC, FEMA and other appropriate Federal agencies.