Government Information Specialist

​​​NRC’s Government Information Specialists are responsible for administering Freedom of Information Act requests associated with NRC mission and responsibilities. 
  • Government Information Specialists use their agency knowledge and experience to understand the FOIA requests, communicating with NRC subject matter experts to research, manage and facilitate the official agency response. 
  • FOIA requests requiring input from various offices and stakeholders, both from within and outside the agency, require expert written and oral communications skills and the ability to document facts in support of the agency response.
  • Their ability to build working relationships within and outside NRC is invaluable to the completion of timely and successful agency replies to FOIA requests.
photo of a woman pointing at something on a board or display stand in a conference room, with four coworkers seated at a table behind her, looking at what she is presenting while smiling.

Quotes from current or former employees in this position:

“You must have strong organizational skills.”

“You have to be interested in laws and records.” 

  • Incumbents enjoy and are skillful at managing and coordinating agency responses to a wide variety of technical and administrative questions relative to NRC’s legal and regulatory responsibilities, organizational structure and overall mission. 
  • They have strong administrative skills, including outstanding organizational and effective planning, research, analysis and oral and written communication skills, as well as superb presentation abilities.
  • Incumbents are knowledgeable problem solvers and resolution experts. 
  • Assignments are such that meeting deadlines are a critical ability to achieving success.  
  • The skill to develop a complete and accurate presentation of technical and administrative answers stand the scrutiny of both internal and external experts. 
  • Thorough research ability and the ability to effectively manage solutions to complex FOIA requests are seen by incumbents as being critical ingredients to successful job performance.
​​Government Information Specialists range in grade from GG 12-14 depending upon level of duties and responsibilities.
  • ​Performs administrative support and record-keeping GIS-related matters
  • Advises agency management on all GIS-related matters
  • Completes research on technical/legal and administrative procedures 
  • Coordinate input of various parties to final agency FOIA determinations
  • Prepares reports and correspondence and coordinate staff efforts
  • Ensures compliance with Federal information laws and FOIA regulations
  • Makes oral and written presentations
  • Organizes and maintains files
  • Prepares/types drafts and finals of letters and reports
  • Reviews and edit documents, reports and decision-letters
  • Manages government records
  • Safeguards government information
  • Arranges meetings 
  • Sets administrative priorities to assure timeliness of agency responses
  • Headquarters—Offices/Divisions, Rockville, MD
  • ​Resourceful and strong problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional organizational ability
  • Meticulous and highly detail-oriented
  • Ability to plan and execute complex actions
  • Ability to switch between tasks quickly as needed
  • Research ability
  • Analytical and evaluative abilities
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Ability to self-manage and work independently
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Highly skilled at interacting directly and positively with the public
  • Presentation ability
  • Effective listening ability
  • Records management skill
  • Skill in use of all office equipment, computer proficiency (hardware and software), word processing and electronic communication systems​
​Candidates for Government Information Specialist opportunities can be found in the following types of NRC jobs:
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Specialist
  • Government Information Specialist (FOIA)
  • Program Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Administrative Assistant
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