Circulars Related to Fire Protection

Circulars transmit information to licensees or permit holders when (1) the information is of safety, safeguards, or environmental interest; (2) the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) wishes to disseminate the information within 30 days; and (3) no reply is necessary in order for the NRC to assess the significance of the matter. The following table lists (in chronological order) the circulars that the NRC has issued regarding topics related to fire protection for licensed facilities and materials. The complete collection of NRC circulars is available through the NRC Library.

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Document # Document Title
CIR-77-03 Fire Inside a Motor Control Center
CIR-78-04 Installation Error that Could Prevent Closing of Fire Doors
CIR-78-18 UL Fire Test
CIR-79-13 Replacement of Diesel Fire Pump Starting Contactors