Fire-Related Inspection Manual Chapters

The fundamental task of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is to ensure that planned and existing licensed operations can be (and are being) conducted without undue risk to the public. Toward that end, the NRC staff regularly conducts inspections for the following purposes:

  • Provide a basis for recommending issuance, denial, continuation, modification, or revocation of an NRC permit or license.
  • Identify conditions within inspected areas that may adversely affect public safety, so that appropriate corrective action(s) can be taken.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the licensee's performance in general, as well as in each inspection program area.
  • Assess the licensee's compliance with NRC regulations, licenses, and orders.

The following table lists the inspection manual chapters (IMCs) that the NRC has developed to guide these inspections in the area of fire protection. The complete collection of IMCs is available through the NRC Library.

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Document # Document Title
IMC 0609 Significance Determination Process (SDP)
IMC 0609, App. F Fire Protection Significance Determination Process
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 01 Application of Fire Protection SDP Phase 1 Worksheet
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 02 Degradation Rating Guidance Specific to Various Fire Protection Program Elements
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 03 Guidance for Identifying Fire Growth and Damage Scenarios
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 04 Fire Ignition Source Mapping Information: Fire Frequency, Counting Instructions, Applicable Fire Severity Characteristics, and Applicable Manual Fire Suppression Curves
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 05 Characterizing Non-Simple Fire Ignition Sources
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 06 Guidance for the Identification of Targets and Their Ignition and Damage Criteria
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 07 Guidance for Fire Growth and Damage Time Analysis
IMC 0609, App. F, Att. 08 Guidance for Fire Non-Suppression Probability Analysis
IMC 0612 Power Reactor Inspection Reports
IMC 0612, App .A Acronyms Used in Inspection Manual Chapter 0612
IMC 0612, App. B Issue Screening
IMC 0612, App. C Guidance for Supplemental Inspection Reports
IMC 0612, App. D Guidance for Documenting Inspection Procedure 71152 Identification and Resolution of Problems
IMC 0612, App. E Examples of Minor Issues
IMC 0612, App. F Examples of Cross-Cutting Aspects
IMC 0612, Exh. 1 Standard Reactor Inspection Report Outline
IMC 0612, Exh. 2 Inspection Report Documentation Matrix
IMC 0612, Exh. 3 Sample Reactor Inspection Report
IMC 0612, Exh. 4 Sample Cover Letters
IMC 0620 Inspection Documents and Records
IMC 1245 Qualification Program for Operating Reactor Programs
IMC 1245, App. C7 Fire Protection Inspector Technical Proficiency Training and Qualification Journal
IMC 1245, App. D3 Fire Protection Advanced-Level Training