Fire-Related Inspection Procedures

The fundamental task of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is to ensure that planned and existing licensed operations can be (and are being) conducted without undue risk to the public. Toward that end, the NRC staff regularly conducts inspections of licensed facilities using well-defined inspection procedures (IPs).

The following table lists the IPs that the NRC has developed to guide these inspections in the area of fire protection. The complete collection of IPs is available through the NRC Library. For related information, see Fire Inspection Manual.

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Area Chapter Title Issue Date CN Number Word
IP 42051 Fire Prevention and Protection 01/31/08 08-004 .doc
IP 64051 Procedures — Fire Prevention/Protection 11/01/07 07-034
IP 64053 Fire Loop Installation 11/01/07 07-034
IP 64704 Fire Protection Program 06/24/98 98-010
IP 64705 Part 52, Fire Protection Operational Program 10/03/07 07-030 .doc
IP 71111.05AQ Fire Protection Annual/Quarterly 11/16/09 09-027 .doc
IP 71111.05T Fire Protection (Triennial) 12/24/09 09-032 .doc
IP 71111.05TTP Fire Protection-NFPA 805 Transition Period (Triennial) 12/24/09 09-032 .doc
IP 71153 Followup of Events and Notices of Enforcement Discretion 02/02/10 10-004 .doc
IP 88051 Evaluation of Exercises and Drills 07/28/06 06-019 .doc
IP 88054 Fire Protection (Triennial) 09/11/08 08-026 .doc
IP 88055 Fire Protection (Annual) 08/19/08 08-024 .doc
IP 88075 Event Followup 07/28/06 06-019 .doc
IP 88141 Fire Prevention and Protection 08/08/07 07-024 .doc
IP 88142 Underground Fire Water Loop and Equipment Installation 08/08/07 07-024 .doc
IP 92701 Followup 03/13/07 07-010 .doc
IP 92702 Followup on Corrective Actions for Violations and Deviations 01/10/08 08-001 .doc
IP 92722 Followup Inspection For Any Severity Level I or II Traditional Enforcement Violation or for Two or More Severity Level III Traditional Enforcement Violations in a 12-Month Period 08/11/09 09-020 .doc
IP 92723 Followup Inspection for Three or More Severity Level IV Traditional Enforcement Violations in the Same Area in a 12-Month Period 08/11/09 09-020 .doc