General Licenses

NRC general licenses (10 CFR 110.20) authorize selected exports or imports of nuclear material or equipment and are effective without the filing of a specific application with NRC or the issuance of a licensing document (piece of paper) by the NRC to a particular person. Nevertheless, although a piece of paper authorizing an export or import transaction may not be required, a general license is not equivalent to an exemption from NRC export-import regulations nor does it relieve a person (the general licensee) from complying with other domestic regulatory requirements that may apply. The regulations authorizing general licenses in §§ 110.21 – 110.26 specifically exclude exports to embargoed destinations listed in § 110.28.

General Export Licenses

NRC general export licenses authorize exports of nuclear material below specified quantities, in certain forms and/or as contained in consumer products, to any country not listed in 10 CFR 110.28 as an embargoed destination. For restricted destinations listed in 10 CFR 110.29 there are additional restrictions on the use of the general license for certain commodities. NRC general export licenses also authorize exports of certain minor nuclear reactor components to designated eligible recipient countries. Criteria for NRC general export license authorizations are provided for the following:

General Export License Reporting Requirements: Individuals using the NRC general license authorizations for exports of americium and/or neptunium under 10 CFR 110.23, and/or for exports of reactor components under 10 CFR 110.26, are required to submit annual reports on all such transactions to the NRC. The information required in these annual reports and their due dates are specified in 10 CFR 110.54(b) and 10 CFR 110.54(c) respectively.

General Import Licenses

NRC general import licenses authorize imports of byproduct, source, or special nuclear material, as well as major components of a utilization facility if the U.S. consignee meets certain criteria (e.g., is appropriately authorized to either possess and/or use the commodity being imported [see 10 CFR 110.27].)