Specific Licenses

Exports or imports of nuclear commodities under the NRC licensing authority, which are not explicitly authorized under one of the aforementioned general export or general import license provisions, must first be approved by the NRC through the issuance of a specific license. To obtain a specific license, an application must be filed with the NRC (10 CFR 110.31) using NRC Form 7. Each application for an NRC-specific export or import license must provide certain details regarding the proposed export or import transaction (10 CFR 110.32). After receiving an application for a specific license, the NRC may also contact applicants and require the provision of additional information if deemed necessary to review the proposed transaction. Applications for specific licenses must be signed by an authorized representative of the company and will not be processed by the NRC unless and until accompanied with the appropriate the NRC application review and processing fee.

123 Agreements establish a legally binding framework for peaceful nuclear cooperation between the United States and partners. Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act (as amended) establish nine nonproliferation criteria that these Agreements must meet. Among these criteria are peaceful uses, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards, physical security, and prohibitions on reprocessing, enriching, or transferring nuclear material and equipment. For a list of current 123 Agreements, please visit the Department of Energy’s ‘123 Agreements for Peaceful Cooperation’ page.”