Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

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Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

Chairman: Joy Rempe
Vice Chairman: Walter Kirchner
Member-At-Large: David Petti

Has statutory responsibilities as described in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Reviews and advises the Commission with regard to the licensing and operation of production and utilization facilities and related safety issues, the adequacy of proposed reactor safety standards, technical and policy issues related to the licensing of evolutionary and passive plant designs, and other matters referred to it by the Commission. Upon request, reviews and advises with regard to the hazards of the Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear activities and facilities and provides technical advice to the DOE Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. On its own initiative, may conduct reviews of specific safety-related items. Submits a report to the Commission commenting on the NRC Safety Research Program.

Committee Support Staff

Executive Director: Scott Moore

Coordinates technical, management, and administrative support of the statutory Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS); provides overall program and management direction for ACRS administrative and technical support and associated resource management; and maintains liaison with the Commission, NRC staff, and others to provide for the conduct of ACRS in a manner responsive to the needs of the Commission.

Program Management, Policy Development and Analysis Branch

Chief: Alesha Bellinger

Coordinates administrative and fiscal services for committee activities, including the administrative actions associated with the appointment of members and consultants, and with processing travel, compensation, and other claims; maintains a document control system for committee members; ensures compliance with Federal Advisory Committee Act record keeping requirements; is responsible for preparation and management of the budget and the implementation of internal controls; manages the PMDA staff; and assures the office is in compliance with agency policies and procedures.

Technical Support Branch

Chief: Lawrence Burkhart

Provides technical and project management guidance relative to the scheduling of subcommittee topics for the ACRS members and staff; provides information, and other staff support activities necessary for the operation of ACRS, including the interface among the technical branches of the major program offices and the ACRS members and staff; manages the activities of the ACRS in support of the mission of the Agency; prepares the technical component of the Office operating plan; maintains current working knowledge of the staff schedules related to safety reviews; works with the Committee in the development of Commission presentations; supervises the Branch staff; and plans and develops reports to Congress and the General Services Administration required by statute to comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act and the Atomic Energy Act.

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