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The biographies for all of the former Commissioners in this section are the official ones they used during their Commission terms.

Frederick M. Bernthal was sworn in as a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on August 4, 1983.

Prior to his nomination by President Reagan and confirmation by the Senate, Mr. Bernthal had served for three years as Chief Legislative Assistant to Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee, since joining Senator Baker's staff in 1978.

From 1970-1978, Mr. Bernthal was professor of chemistry and physics at Michigan State University, where he carried out research in nuclear physics and taught a number of classes designed to introduce students to the understanding and safe handling of radioactivity. He served for five years on the University Reactor Safety Committee and the University Radioisotopes Committee.

Mr. Bernthal has engaged in collaborative research with nuclear scientists from Denmark, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. He carried out advanced study at Yale University in 1969-70, and was a NATO Senior Science Fellow and visiting scientists at the Niels Borh Institute, University of Copenhagen, in 1976-1977.

A member of the American Physical Society, the American Chemical Society, and the Scientific Research Society of Sigma Xi, Mr. Bernthal has authored numerous publications in professional scientific journals.

He was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Valparaiso (Indiana) University in 1964 and received his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969.

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