Region IV

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Regional Administrator: Scott Morris
Deputy Regional Administrator: Mark Shaffer

Executes established NRC policies and assigned programs relating to inspection, licensing, investigation, enforcement, governmental liaison, and emergency response within regional boundaries.

Public Affairs Officer

Senior Public Affairs Officer: Victor Dricks

Implements NRC policies and programs for Public Affairs in the region.

Regional Counsel

David Cylkowski

Performs the legal functions necessary to carry out the assigned responsibilities of the regional office.

Regional State Liaison Officer

William Maier

Coordinates and carries out communications between NRC and the states and appropriate local governments within the region regarding the regulation of nuclear materials and facilities.

Allegation Coordination and Enforcement Staff

Jeremy Groom

Serves as the Region's resource for implementation and coordination of the Agency's enforcement and allegations programs. Provides training and guidance; serves as a centralized point of contact, and coordinates with regional and headquarters staff.

Human Resource Staff

Team Leader: Joseph Lopez

Responsible for administering and implementing a full range of human capital policies and operational procedures in a consistent manner throughout the region. These include employment, recruitment, staffing, position management and evaluation, benefits, employee and labor relations, training and development, performance management and personnel transactional processing. Employs technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, including electronic government recruitment and staffing systems. Provides program direction and liaison in support of regional human resources operations. Provides management advice and recommendations concerning all operational aspects of human capital management. Advises managers and supervisors in applying human capital strategies to solve workforce planning issues and close skills gaps. Supports equal employment opportunity in the implementation of human capital policies and programs.

Division of Reactor Projects

Director: Anton Vegel
Deputy Director: Michael Hay

Implements the NRC inspection program for all operating reactor facilities in Region IV. Provides direction and supervision of the resident inspection staff at each reactor facility and coordinates site inspection activities with the Division of Reactor Safety. The span of activities includes, but is not limited to, baseline, supplemental and reactive inspections, enforcement, assessment, allegation follow-up, and the recruiting and training of staff. Coordinates with the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation for inspection program guidance and regional consistency.

Reactor Projects Branches A-F:

Manages inspections, assessments, regional allegation follow-up, and enforcement for assigned power reactors. Recruits and trains the resident and project inspection staff. Provides initial response to site events and emergencies.

Reactor Projects Branch A

Chief: Jeffrey Josey

Columbia Generating Station Resident Office
Diablo Canyon Resident Office
South Texas Resident Office

Projects Branch description

Reactor Projects Branch B

Chief: Cornelius O'Keefe

Callaway Resident Office
Comanche Peak Resident Office
Wolf Creek Resident Office

Projects Branch description

Reactor Projects Branch C

Chief: Jason Kozal

Cooper Nuclear Station Resident Office
Grand Gulf Resident Office
River Bend Resident Office

Projects Branch description

Reactor Projects Branch D

Chief: John Dixon

Arkansas Nuclear One Resident Office
Palo Verde Resident Office
Waterford 3 Resident Office

Projects Branch description

Division of Reactor Safety

Director: Ryan Lantz
Deputy Director: Geoffrey Miller

Performs inspections and technical evaluations in the specialized fields of engineering, plant systems operations and testing, maintenance rule, design, heat sink, emergency preparedness, radiation protection, security, fire protection, and problem identification and resolution. Administers the Region's operator licensing program and performs risk assessments to support the significance determination process and incident investigation program. Provides technical support for emergency response functions.

Response Coordination Branch

Chief: Mark Haire

Engineering Branch 1

Chief: Vincent Gaddy

Performs inspections and technical evaluations in the areas of civil, structural, mechanical, nuclear engineering. Responsibilities include: modifications and testing, design changes, plant systems, configuration control, motor-operated valve programs, design change reconstitution, environmental qualification, reactor physics and core performance component material and structural integrity, plant chemistry and erosion/corrosion, and activities associated with refueling outages, and mechanical maintenance/surveillance.

Engineering Branch 2

Chief: Nicholas Taylor

Performs electrical and mechanical engineering support functions. The areas of focus include in-service inspections, fire protection, cyber­security, and license renewal.

Operations Branch
Chief: Gregory Werner

Administers the necessary examinations to applicants that have applied for reactor operator or senior reactor operator licenses, and issues individual operating licenses to applicants that have successfully completed the required training, met eligibility requirements, and passed the examination. Operations Branch also performs inspections to evaluate the ability of licensed operators to safely operate nuclear power plants, and to ensure that licensee evaluators are effectively training and assessing the performance of their own nuclear power plant operators.

Plant Support Branch 1

Chief: Ray Kellar

Supports the NRG mission by performing inspection and technical reviews of physical protection programs at Region IV licensees to ensure those facilities are safe and secure. Performs baseline, reactive and supplemental inspections in the areas of physical protection that focus on access authorization, access controls, security equipment maintenance and testing, protective strategy, control of safeguard information, security training, and fitness for duty programs. Supports headquarters staff during force-on-force and hostile base exercise and participates in Region based emergency preparedness exercises, as both, base and onsite team members.

Inspection Program and Assessment Team

Team Leader: (Vacant)

Supports the Agency's mission by ensuring adequate licensee corrective action programs are in place and that a healthy safety culture exists at operating nuclear plants via inspections of the problem identification & resolution (Pl&R) programs. These Pl&R inspections include evaluation of the quality assurance program, implementation of the corrective action program, performance indicator assessments, and root cause analysis necessary to ensure that a safety conscious work environment exists. Provides assistance to both reactor divisions by coordinating cycle assessment and inspector counterpart meetings, conducting self-assessments, disseminating operational experience, monitoring the regional operating plan, assisting with continuing training for qualified reactor inspectors, supporting operating reactor knowledge management issues and providing administrative support.

Division of Nuclear Materials Safety

Director: (Vacant)
Deputy Director: Linda Howell

Provides implementation, policy oversight, and direction for the materials licensing and inspection programs, decommissioning inspections, uranium recovery inspections, inspection of permanently shut down reactors, independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSI), and radiation protection at operational reactors. Responds to events and manages allegations and enforcement programs involving the above programs. Provides coordination and oversight of Agreement State programs and activities.

Materials Inspection Branch

Chief: Patricia Silva

Performs materials inspection for byproduct, source, and special nuclear materials. Implements the Agreement State Program in Region IV. Performs event response, reactive inspections, and enforcement casework for these licensees.

Materials Licensing and Decommissioning Branch

Chief: Heather Gepford

Conducts routine and final status survey inspections for material decommissioning licensees. Performs license reviews for materials licensees; evaluates financial assurance submittals; and processes reciprocity requests from Agreement State licensees. Conducts routine uranium recovery inspections. Performs event response, reactive inspections, and enforcement casework for these licensees.

Reactor Inspection Branch

Chief: Gregory Warnick

Performs inspections and technical evaluations in the areas of radiological safety at reactor sites and independent spent fuel storage installations. Conducts routine and final status survey inspections for reactor decommissioning licensees. Performs event response, reactive inspections, and enforcement casework for these licensees.

Division of Resource Management and Administration

Director: Jerome Murphy

Performs administrative functions in contract administration, budget and fiscal management, ADP services, space and property management, telecommunications, and general administrative services, including license fee management and FOIA processing.

Administrative Management Team

Team Leader: Earnestine Clay

Provides mail processing services, limited duplication and reproduction service, property management (control of Region IV property), operator support (answers operator calls within the building), supply management (management of supply room and order supplies), records management (file plans, archiving & ADAMS support), facility management (manages the regional facility), building janitorial services (oversee building cleaning), building security (oversees guard services), process badging requests for building access, site access processing, and processing of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Financial Resource Management Team

Team Leader: Lora Nute Blackshear

Responsible for providing value-added resource and financial management services such as: formulation and execution of regional operating budget and control of funds; management and oversight of travel services; procurement of property, supplies, equipment, and services; validation and verification of time and attendance and inspection fee billing hours and certification and examination of invoices received. FRMT also is responsible for the interpretation, application, and technical guidance and oversight of federal fiscal and financial laws, regulations, and agency policies.

Information Technology Team

Team Leader: (Vacant)

Provides effective technology support for audio/visual, computer, multimedia, telephony, video, and client/web based application and services. Provides fast and reliable access to all information systems. Facilitates the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access. Provides a robust, reliable, and secure technology infrastructure.

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