Becoming a Modern, Risk-Informed Regulator

Becoming a Modern, Risk-Informed Regulator title banner; An animated image consisting of a black background with the following text: 'The Vision.' which appears in the center in white font, and then disolves into the following text in white font: Modern, Risk-Informed Regulator; Next, the words 'Focus on our people' in bright green font, rolls into the center from the left; next, the words 'Use Technology' in red font, rolls into the center from the right, beneath the existing text; then, at the same time, the word 'Innovate' in violet font rolls into the center from the top -- next to the existing text, while simultaneously, the words 'Be riskSMART' in blue font, roll in from the left to meet each other, adjacent to all the other existing text; at the bottom of the image after the animated text loads, appears a multi-colored, streaming image which runs the full width of the image.
  • NRC's Transformation Journey

    As the industries we regulate change, the NRC is striving to be a modern, risk-informed regulator, open to new ways of implementing our important safety and security mission.

  • Our People

    We will maintain an engaged and highly skilled workforce now and in the future.

  • Be riskSMART

    We will make sound decisions while accepting well-managed risks in decisionmaking.

  • Using Technology

    We will use technology to work smarter, including using data analytics to highlight areas for regulatory attention and improvement.

  • Innovation

    We will be innovators who make timely decisions that take into account different viewpoints and fully explored options.

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