Project Aim Report

In June 2014, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) established a small team to develop the long-term workload forecast for the agency, along with the framework and recommendations to enhance the NRC's ability to plan and execute its mission in a more effective, efficient, and agile manner. In late January 2015, the Executive Director for Operations and the Chief Financial Officer transmitted the Project Aim 2020 report, "Achieving Exemplary Nuclear Regulation in the 21st Century," including a set of recommendations, to the Commission for its consideration.

On June 8, the Commission issued staff requirements memorandum (SRM)-15-0015, "Project Aim 2020 Report and Recommendations." As detailed in the SRM, the Commission approved most of the recommendations that the staff recommended in the Project Aim report.

Below is the Project Aim 2020 Report and Recommendations:

Staff Requirements Memorandum – SECY-15-0015 – Project Aim 2020 Report and Recommendations