Chemistry and Radiation Protection Technician Training and Qualifications

HPPOS-067 PDR-9111210253

See the memorandum from D. P. Allison to F. A. Wenslawski dated March 28, 1984.

If a technician fills a dual role as a responsible HP / Chem Tech, then 2 years experience in each area is necessary. Common areas may exist so that an experience period of less than 4 years could be acceptable.

Preoperational, design, construction, and startup experience can be counted as well as operational experience. HPPOS-020, HPPOS-062, and HPPOS-096 contain related topics.

Technicians filling responsible positions in a specialty are required to have two years experience in that specialty. Therefore, if a technician is fulfilling a dual role (as a responsible HP / Chem Tech), then a total of four years experience (two in each area) is required by ANSI N18.1-1971. IE understands that common areas of chemistry and radiation protection may exist, so that some experience period less than four years could be acceptable for full, dual-specialty qualification. The overall goal of the TS requirement is to ensure that technicians filling responsible positions have the necessary experience, education, and skill to perform their assigned functions during normal and abnormal conditions.

Nuclear power plant preoperational experience, as well as design, construction, startup, and operations, can count on a one-for-one basis toward the two-year experience requirement defined in Section 4.1 of the ANSI standard.

The licensee must make definitive applicability assessments of any type of experience as it relates to the technicians current or projected job responsibilities. Well documented training programs, structured to specific job functions, should form the basis for licensee qualification assessments.

Regulatory references: ANSI N18.1-1971, Technical Specifications

Subject codes: 1.1, 1.2

Applicability: Reactors

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