EPA Inspections for Compliance with NPDES Permits Issued to NRC Licensees

HPPOS-115 PDR-9111210267

See the memorandum from L. B. Higginbotham to G. D. Brown dated April 14, 1976.

The EPA has authority to make inspections related to a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The EPA can grant States the authority to issue NPDES permits; giving the States similar authority to make inspections.

The EPA, under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Public Law 92-500), is acting within its jurisdiction to conduct periodic inspections to determine the degree of compliance by licensees with NPDES permits.

Representatives of the EPA can observe process operations, inspect monitoring and laboratory equipment and methods, collect samples, examine appropriate records, and be concerned with other related matters. The NPDES permit system was implemented by the EPA under Title 10 "Protection of the Environment," Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter I. Section 309 (Federal Enforcement) gives the EPA the authority to levy civil monetary penalties for noncompliance.

The EPA can also grant the States the authority to issue NPDES permits. This gives those States the authority, having issued an NPDES permit to an NRC licensee, to inspect and assure compliance with the permit.

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Subject codes: 12.9, 12.13

Applicability: Reactors

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