Policy and Guidance Directive FC 90-3, Licensing of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage by Materials and Fuel Cycle Licensees

HPPOS-264 PDR-9306070250

See the memorandum, issued as Policy and Guidance Directive FC 90-30, from R. E. Cunningham dated March 29, 1990.

This memo includes two enclosures, "Guidance for Review of Amendment Requests for Extended Interim Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste", and Information Notice (IN) 90-09, "Extended Interim Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste by Fuel Cycle and Materials Licensees". Directive FC 90-3 provides guidance for the review of amendment requests for extended interim storage of low-level radioactive waste (LLW) by materials and fuel cycle licensees. IN 90-09 contains general guidance for licensees on the information needed in such requests and should be used to determine completeness of an amendment request. The guidance contained in the directive generally tracks the content of IN 90-09. HPPOS-239 and HPPOS-278 contain related topics.

In a memorandum dated February 14, 1990, the Commission informed the staff that "... the Commission will not look favorably upon long-term on-site storage beyond January 1, 1996." That date is the final milestone of the Low-level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act of 1985. States acting alone or as a part of a Regional LLW Compact, which are unable to provide for LLW disposal by that date must take title to and possession of LLW generated in their state as well as be liable for any direct or indirect damages for failing to do so promptly. Any amendment requests received for on-site LLW storage to extend beyond January 1, 1996, should be coordinated with headquarters.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 30, 10 CFR 40, 10 CFR 70

Subject codes: 3.4, 9.0, 9.6

Applicability: Byproduct, Source, and Special Nuclear Materials, and Fuel Cycle

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