Health Physics Questions and Answers - Question 136

Question 136: 10 CFR 20.1206 states that workers who will receive a planned special exposure (PSE) must be informed regarding the risk from the radiation exposure that is expected to be received. Radiation risk coefficients presently available are applicable to large populations and are not recommended for risk assessment for a small number of people. The coefficients are not applicable to individual doses as small as PSEs. How are nuclear power plant licensees expected to comply with this rule?

Answer: The requirement in 10 CFR 20.1206 (c) (2) to inform the individual, who is to receive the PSE, of the estimated doses and associated potential risks is not a requirement to inform that worker of a precise probability that the worker may suffer some particular deleterious effect (s) from the estimated radiation dose (s). This requirement consists of a brief refresher of the instruction required by 10 CFR 19.12 with respect to instruction concerning the risks associated with radiation exposures. Regulatory Guide 8.29, which is being updated, provides guidance on this subject that is acceptable for meeting the requirement of 10 CFR 20.1206 (c) (2) as well as 10 CFR 19.12. That guide includes information concerning the differences between the risk to a particular individual and the risk coefficients applicable to large populations of exposed individuals.

(Reference: 10 CFR 20.1206)

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