Health Physics Questions and Answers - Question 16

Question 16: Will the Emergency Action Levels (EAL) as part of the Emergency Plans have to be changed if based on the old Part 20 methodology?

Answer: The EALs are not related to Part 20. Appendix 1 of NUREG-0654 contains the descriptions for the four emergency classifications; unusual event, alert, site area emergency, and general emergency. Example initiating conditions are also found in this appendix. No reference is made to the use or applicability of Part 20 in either the regulations pertinent to emergency classifications nor in the guidance. In the class descriptions, reference is made to EPA protective action guide (PAG) exposure levels.

EPA has revised its PAG manual. EPA recommends the use of committed effective dose equivalent to replace the whole body dose for the plume PAG. The numerical values for the plume PAG remain the same. It is therefore expected that the licensees will have to revise, if necessary, their emergency dose calculation methodology to classify an emergency and recommend protective actions in order to comply with the revised EPA PAG manual.

(Reference: 50.47, EPA PAG manual)

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