Health Physics Questions and Answers - Question 83

Question 83: If a worker who has been exposed to internal sources under Department of Energy Order 5480.11 comes to work at an NRC-licensed facility, will the worker's committed and committed effective dose equivalents need to be calculated for a fifty-year period by the licensee? DOE Order 5480.11 only requires a one-year dose commitment calculation.

Answer: See answer to Question 76. DOE Order 5480.11 requires DOE facilities to generate and maintain records of occupational dose including (a) committed effective dose equivalent and (b) committed dose equivalent to organ or tissues of concern, in addition to records of (c) annual effective dose equivalent and (d) annual dose equivalent to organ or tissue of concern.

(Reference: 10 CFR 20.1204, 10 CFR 20.2104, DOE Order 5480.11)

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