Cross Reference between Old Subpart G and New Subparts C & G

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The following table highlights the differences between the provisions of the old and new foulest of practice in 10 CFR Part 2. This table provides links to both old and new provisions to simplify comparisons.

(NA = no comparable provision in former Subpart G. None = no substantive or editorial change; references to Part 2 sections are corrected.)

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Cross-References to New Subpart C
Old Section New Section Description/Modification
2.700a 2.301 Paragraph (b) on applicability is removed.
2.701 2.302 Addresses facsimile transmissions and electronic mail.
2.702 2.303 Clarified; no substantive change.
2.703 2.312 Clarified; adds provision on statement of hearing procedures or subpart for order or notice of hearing.
2.704 2.313 Clarified and reorganized.
2.707 2.320 None.
2.708, 2.709 2.304 Addresses electronic mail; modifies document format requirements of documents.
2.710 2.306 Addresses computation of time for electronic mail and facsimile transmissions.
2.711 2.307 Clarified.
2.712 2.305 Addresses facsimile and electronic mail. Adds provision requiring service by most expeditious means, and provision on service on NRC staff when not a party. Deletes provisions on proof of service and free copying.
N/A 2.308 New section on Secretary's duty to forward petitions/requests for hearing to Commission or Chief Judge.
2.713 2.314 Simplified and expanded.
2.714 2.309 Changes requirement for petition/request for hearing; requires filing of contentions with petition/request. Adds provision with standards for discretionary intervention, and adds provision on time limit for issuance of presiding officer's decision on petitions/requests for hearing.
N/A 2.310 New section setting forth criteria for different hearing tracks.
2.714a 2.311 Clarified; added provision on appeals with respect to selection of hearing procedure.
2.715 2.315 Clarified; adds requirement for designation of single representative for interested States, local governmental bodies, and affected Federally-recognized Indian Tribes not admitted as parties.
2.715a 2.316 Clarified and simplified; expanded to cover all proceedings.
2.716, 2.761a 2.317 Simplifies provision for establishment of separate hearings; no change to provision on consolidation of proceedings.
2.717 2.318 Conforming changes made to refer to administrative law judge.
2.718, 2.1233(e) 2.319 Clarified; consolidates several provisions relating to authority of presiding officer.
2.721 2.321 Conforming changes made to refer to Chief Administrative Judge.
2.722 2.322 None.
2.730 2.323 Clarified and expanded to address motions for referral, reconsideration and certification, and accuracy in filing.
2.731 2.324 None.
2.732 2.325 None.
2.734 2.326 None.
2.743(c)—(f), (h), (i) 2.337 Consolidates provisions on evidence at hearing; no substantive changes.
2.750 2.327 Replaces subsection on provision of free transcripts, and adds new provisions on video recordings.
2.751 2.328 None.
2.752, 2.751a 2.329 Consolidates and adds provisions on purpose and objectives of prehearing conferences.
2.753 2.330 None.
2.755 2.331 None.
N/A 2.332 New section on case scheduling and management.
2.757 2.333 Clarifies authority of presiding officer and adds provisions on cross-examination plans as conforming changes.
N/A 2.334 New section setting forth schedules for proceedings.
2.758 2.335 Clarifies that paragraph (a) applies to all adjudicatory proceedings.
N/A 2.336 New requirement for disclosure of materials.
N/A 2.338 New section on alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
2.761 2.339 None.
2.760a, 2.764 2.340 Consolidates provisions on effectiveness of initial decisions.
2.763 2.343 None.
2.770 2.344 None.
2.771 2.345 NRC staff not provided additional time to respond to petitions for reconsideration.
2.772 2.346 Clarified; removes provision on Secretary's authority to extend time for Commission review of a Director's denial under 10 CFR 2.206(c) (now addressed in §2.206(c)).
2.780 2.347 None.
2.781 2.348 Clarified; no substantive change.
2.786 2.341 Clarified; codifies Commission practice of discretionary review of requests for interlocutory appeals; modifies provision on exhaustion of administrative remedies.
2.788 2.342 Modified to include service affected by electronic means.
2.790 2.390 None.
Cross-References to New Subpart G
Old Section New Section Description/Modification
2.700 2.700 Updated to reflect new scope of Subpart G.
2.700a 2.701 Applicability provision in former §2.700a(b) is removed.
2.720(a)(h)(1) 2.702 Provisions in former §2.720(h)(2) addressing subpoenas of NRC staff transferred to §2.709.
2.733 2.703 No substantive change; new subdividing paragraphs added.
N/A 2.704 New mandatory discovery provision analogous to §2.336.
N/A 2.705 New mandatory discovery provision analogous to §2.336.
2.740a, 2.740b 2.706 Consolidates without substantive change provisions formerly contained in §§2.740a and 2.740b.
2.741 2.707 None.
2.742 2.708 None.
2.720(h)(2), 2.744 2.709 Consolidates provisions formerly contained in §§2.720(h)(2) and 2.744.
2.749 2.710 New requirements on timing of summary disposition motions, responses, and presiding officer consideration of the motions.
2.743 2.711 None.
2.754 2.712 None.
2.760 2.713 None.