Final Rule Adding New Subparts C, N, and O (1/14/2004)

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In January 2004, the NRC amended its regulations concerning its rules of practice in 10 CFR Part 2 to fashion hearing procedures that are tailored to the differing types of regulatory activities the NRC conducts. These revisions will make NRC's hearing process more effective and efficient and will better focus the limited resources of involved parties and the NRC. The final rule was published in the Federal Register on January 14, 2004 (69 FR 2182) and became effective on February 13, 2004.
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The final 10 CFR Part 2 rules of practice apply to proceedings noticed on or after the effective date, February 13, 2004, unless otherwise directed by the Commission. In practice, this means that proceedings already noticed in the Federal Register or already in progress would use the old (superseded) 10 CFR Part 2. By contrast, proceedings that are noticed on or after February 13, 2004, will use the new Part 2. Examples of various notice and docketing scenarios are provided below:

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Final Rule

Federal Register Notice - Final Rule(1/14/04)

Supporting Documents

Final Rule

Comments Not Addressed in the Statement of Considerations for Changes to the Adjudicatory Process: Final Rule (12/17/2003)
Staff Requirements Memorandum Directing Issuance of Final Rule (11/13/2003)

Proposed Rule

Comment Period Extended (66 FR 27045) (5/16/2001)
Proposed Rule Published (66 FR 19610) (4/16/2001)
Staff Requirements Memorandum Approving Publication with 32 Changes (2/16/2001)
Proposed rule (SECY-00-0017) (01/21/2000)
Public Meeting Regarding NRC Hearing Process (Transcript) (10/27/1999)
Public Meeting Regarding NRC Hearing Process (Transcript) (10/26/1999)

Press Releases

NRC Announces Availability of Two New Web Sites on Conduct of Hearings and Pending Applications (1/14/2004)
NRC Revises Rules Governing Conduct of Hearings (11/14/2003)
NRC Proposes Revising Rules Governing Conduct of Hearings (4/6/2001)

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