Results of Previous CRGR Reviews – 2017

Guidance Documents for Subsequent License Renewal (SRP NUREG 2192, GALL SLR, Volume 1, GALL SLR Vol 2) Informal Review 04/10/2017 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
Proposed Rule and Draft
Regulatory Guide for Cyber Security at Fuel-Cycle Facilities
Formal Review 06/27/2017, 07/12/2017 CRGR #442, #444
(one meeting minute)
Endorsed, adequate protection backfitting
Draft Regulatory Guidance 5.77, "Insider Mitigation
Formal Review 7/11/2017 CRGR #443 ML17228A119 Endorsed, no backfitting
Regulatory Issue Summary 2017-XX, "Clarification on the Implementation of Compensatory Measures for Protective Strategy Deficiencies or Degraded or Inoperable Security Systems, Equipment or Components" Informal Review 08/01/2017 Internal Summary Email Endorsed
Draft Management Directive 8.4, "Management of Backfitting, Issue Finality, and Information Collection," Formal Review 09/05/2017 CRGR #445 ML17276B137 Endorsed, no backfitting
Draft Regulatory Issue Summary entitled
"Disposition of Information Related to the Time Period that Safety-Related SSCs [Structures,
Systems, and Components] are Installed"
Formal Review 09/12/2017, 09/14/2017 CRGR #446, #447 ML17276B156
(one meeting minute)
Returned to staff
Task Interface Agreement (TIA) entitled, "Oconee Nuclear Station, Units 1, 2,
and 3 – Final Response to Task Interface Agreement 2014-05, Design Analysis for Single
Failure and the Integration of Class 1E Direct Current Control Cabling in Raceways with High
Energy Cabling"
Formal Review 10/24/2017, 11/7/2017, 09/26/2017 CRGR #448, #449, #451
(one meeting minute)
Endorsed, no backfitting
Draft Regulatory Analysis for Enhanced Weapons, Firearms
Background Checks, and Security Event Notifications Final Rule 10 CFR Parts 20, 21, 50, 70,
73, 74, and 76 (Enhanced Weapons Rulemaking).
Formal Review 10/25/2017 CRGR #450 ML17313A041


Draft NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2017-XX, "Clarification on Endorsement of Nuclear Energy Institute Guidance in Designing Digital Upgrades in Instrumentation and Control Systems" Informal Review 11/22/2017 Internal Summary Email Endorsed

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