2020 Individual Actions

Mr. Billy Johnson (IA-20-017)

On July 23, 2021, the NRC withdrew one of the three Notice of Violations initially issued to Mr. Billy Johnson on November 6, 2020.  Upon further review of the case facts, the NRC concluded that although a violation of a Tennessee Valley Authority procedure did occur, the actions taken by Mr. Johnson did not constitute a deliberate misconduct violation.  Accordingly, the Severity Level III violation associated with a violation of 10 CFR 50.5, “Deliberate misconduct” has been withdrawn.

Mr. Billy Johnson (IA-20-017)

On November 6, 2020, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Mr. Billy Johnson for multiple NRC violations. The first violation, a Severity Level (SL) III violation of his NRC operator license, was issued for failing to adhere to operating procedures and other conditions specified in the Watts Barr Nuclear Plant Unit-1 facility license. Specifically, on November 11, 2015, as the shift manager, he continued a reactor heat-up evolution with only one reactor coolant inventory control system in service. This resulted in a relatively quick and uncontrollable pressurizer water level rise, which led the main control room (MCR) operators to take actions outside of approved operating procedures to re-establish pressurizer water level control. The second violation, an SL III violation of 10 CFR 50.5 was issued for his deliberate failure to ensure that MCR operators operated equipment in accordance with approved procedures. During a startup on November 11, 2015, he improperly directed MCR operators to place a reactor plant system in service in violation of approved procedures. The third violation, an SL II violation of 10 CFR 50.5 was issued for making false statements during an NRC Office of Investigations interview in which he stated there was no significant pushback from MCR operators to continue with the November 11, 2015 reactor heat-up and it was his decision to continue the heat-up. The NRC discovered two separate emails written by Mr. Johnson which stated he had been persuaded into moving forward with the heat-up and that continuing with the heat-up was really a senior management decision. In later interviews he admitted these facts.

Dr. Melinda Krahenbuhl (IA-20-040)

On July 27, 2020, the NRC issued a Confirmatory Order (CO) to Dr. Melinda Krahenbuhl confirming commitments reached as part of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation settlement agreement between Dr. Krahenbuhl and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The commitments were made as part of the settlement agreement based on violations of NRC requirements discussed in Order IA-19-035 dated March 16, 2020. An ADR mediation session was held in a virtual meeting setting with Dr. Krahenbuhl, her representative, and the NRC on June 22, 2020, and a preliminary settlement agreement was reached. In consideration of the corrective actions and commitments outlined in the CO, the NRC is withdrawing the March 16, 2020, Order (IA-19-035). Subject to the satisfactory completion of the additional corrective actions, the NRC will take no further action concerning the violations discussed in Order IA-19-035.

Mr. César Blanco (IA-19-033)

On April 23, 2020, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Mr. César Blanco, for a Severity Level III problem related to two willful violations. Mr. Blanco deliberately caused his former employer, Lantheus Medical Imaging, to be in violation of NRC requirements when he willfully failed to wear dosimetry and willfully submitted incomplete and inaccurate information to the NRC. Specifically, between January 2014 and December 2017, Mr. Blanco deliberately failed to wear required dosimetry when performing work on the cyclotron and on February 14, 2018, he deliberately provided false information to an NRC inspector about his dosimetry use.

Dr. Melinda Krahenbuhl (IA-19-035)

On March 16, 2020, the NRC issued an Order prohibiting Dr. Melinda Krahenbuhl, Director, Reed College, Reed Research Reactor, from involvement in NRC-licensed activities for a period of 3 years. The Order also suspended Dr. Krahenbuhl's senior reactor operator license for 3 years. Dr. Krahenbuhl deliberately caused her employer, Reed College (Portland, Oregon) to be in violation of 10 CFR Section 50.9(a), "Completeness and accuracy of information," when she willfully provided information to the Commission that was not complete and accurate in all material respects. Dr. Krahenbuhl also caused Reed College to be in violation of Renewed Operating License R-112, License Condition 2.C.(3). Specifically, Dr. Krahenbuhl will be prohibited from any involvement in NRC-licensed activities for a period of 3 years and, thereafter, she will be required to notify the NRC within 20 days following acceptance of her first employment offer involving NRC-licensed activities.

Mr. Stanley Schultz (IA-20-005)

On March 11, 2020, the NRC issued a Notice of Violation to Mr. Stanley Schultz, for a Severity Level III violation involving deliberate misconduct that caused his employer Schultz Surveying & Engineering, Inc., to be in violation of NRC requirements Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 30.41(a). Specifically, on January 31, 2017, Mr. Schultz deliberately transferred byproduct material to a person not authorized to receive such byproduct material under terms of a specific license, general license, or their equivalents issued by the Atomic Energy Commission, the NRC, or an Agreement State.