Topical Reports Approved in FY2008

Publicly available topical reports may be found in the Agencywide Document Access and Management System.

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AREVA NP, Inc. Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title


BAW-10247(P), Realistic Thermal-Mechanical Fuel Rod Methodology for Boiling Water Reactors
Final NRC SE:  2/12/08  ML080350227
Accepted Version:  Expected 5/08

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Bechtel Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title


BQ-TOP-1, 2007 Edition, Revision 1, “Quality Assurance Program for Nuclear Power Plants
Final NRC SE:  1/22/08, ML080090429
Accepted Version:

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Boiling Water Reactor Owners' Group (BWROG) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title

There are no Boiling Water Reactor Owners' Group Reports for Fiscal Year 2008

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Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)/Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title

There are no Electric Power Research Institute/Nuclear Energy Institute Reports for Fiscal Year 2008.

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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC (GHNE)/Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF)

Task ID (TAC No.) Title


NEDC-33075P, Revision 5, “General Electric Boiling Water Reactor Detect and Suppress Solution – Confirmation Density”
Final NRC SE: 11/27/07, ML062640346
Accepted Version: 1/25/08


NEDC-33173P, Applicability of GE Methods to Expanded Operating Domains
Final NRC SE: 1/17/08, ML073340231
Accepted Version:


GESTAR Administrative Amendment 30 to implement referencing of NEDC-33173P
Final NRC SE:  2/11/08, ML080310007
Accepted Version: Expected April 2008

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PWR Owners Group (formerly Westinghouse Owners Group - WOG) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title


BAW-10179(P), Revision 7, “Safety Criteria and Methodology for Acceptable Cycle Reload Analyses”
Final NRC SE: 1/9/08, ML080080361
Accepted Version:  Expected 4/08


WCAP-16406, Evaluation of Downstream Sump Debris
Final NRC SE:  12/21/07, ML073520767
Accepted Version:  3/2/08, ML081000027


WCAP-15791-P, Rev. 2, Risk-Informed CIV Completion Times
Final NRC SE: 2/13/08, ML080170680
Accepted Version:  Expected 5/08


WCAP-15981-NP,"Post Accident Monitoring Instrumentation Redefinition"
Final NRC SE:  2/29/08 ML080380346
Accepted Version:  Expected 5/08


BAW-2308, Rev. 2, Initial RTNDT of Linde 80 Weld Materials
Final NRC SE:  3/24/08 ML080770349
Accepted Version:  Expected 6/08


WCAP-16530-NP, Evaluation of Post Accident Chemical Effects in Containment Sump
Final NRC SE:  12/21/08  ML073521294
Accepted Version:  PWROG notified NRC staff of error in TR 3/18/08, NRC staff notified the PWROG the change was acceptable on 3/25/08.  PWROG to submit by 3/31/08.

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Westinghouse Vendor Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title


WCAP-16606, Supplement 2 to BISON Topical Report
Final NRC SE:  10/22/07  ML072670542
Accepted Version:  NA


Addendum 2 to WCAP-14565-P-A, Extended Application of ABB-NV Correlation and Modified ABB-NV Correlation
Final NRC SE:  2/14/08  ML080360381
Accepted Version:  NA

Updated April 28, 2008  ML073050451

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