Topical Reports Approved through FY2006

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Boiling Water Reactor Vessel and Internals Project (BWRVIP) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MB8969 BWRVIP-02, “Core Shroud Repair Design Criteria, Revision 2”
MA5140 BWRVIP-02-A, “Core Shroud Repair Design Criteria, Revision 2”
MC0744 BWRVIP-04-A, “Guide for Format and Content of Core Shroud Repair Design Submittals”
MC0745 BWRVIP-06-A, "Safety Assessment of BWR Reactor Internals”
MA5140 BWRVIP-18-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Boiling Water Reactor Core Spray Internals Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines"
MA5140 BWRVIP-26-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Boiling Water Reactor Top Guide Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines"
MC1024 BWRVIP-27-A,“BWR Standby Liquid Control Plate Delta P Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines”
MA5140 BWRVIP-28-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Assessment of Jet Pump Riser Elbow to Thermal Sleeve Weld Cracking"
MA5140 BWRVIP-42-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Boiling Water Reactor Low Pressure Coolant Injection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines"
MB9698 BWRVIP-44, “Underwater Weld Repair of Nickel Alloy Reactor Vessel Internals”
MA5140 BWRVIP-47-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Boiling Water Reactor Lower Plenum Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines"
MA1138 BWRVIP-48-A,"Vessel ID Attachment weld Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines"
MA1226 BWRVIP-49-A,“Instrument Penetration Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines”
MA5140 BWRVIP-50-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Top Guide/Core Plate Repair Design Criteria"
MA5140 BWRVIP-51-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Jet Pump Repair Design Criteria"
MA5140 BWRVIP-52-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Shroud Support and Vessel Bracket Repair Design Criteria"
MA5140 BWRVIP-56-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project LPCI Coupling Repair Design Criteria"
MA5140 BWRVIP-57-A, “BWR Vessel and Internals Project Instrument Penetration Repair Design Criteria"
MA5057 BWRVIP-60-A, “Evaluation of Stress Corrosion Crack Growth in Low Alloy Steel Vessel Materials in the BWR Environment”
MC0746 BWRVIP-74-A, “BWR Reactor Pressure Vessel Inspection and Flaw Evaluation Guidelines”
MB9014 BWRVIP-84, “Guidelines for Selection and Use for Materials and Repairs”
MC0747 BWRVIP-86-A, “Updated BWR Integrated Surveillance Program (ISP) Implementation Plan”
MB3947 BWRVIP-96, “Sampling and Analysis Guidelines for Determining the He Content of Reactor Internals”
MB3951 BWRVIP-99, “Crack Growth Rates in Irradiated BWR SS Internal Components”
MB9765 BWRVIP-114, -115, -117, and -121, “RAMA Fluence Methodology Procedures Manual”

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Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MA6484 EPRI MOV Addendum 2

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AREVA NP/PWR Owners Group (formerly B & W Owners Group) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MC4260 ANF-1358, "Loss of Feedwater Heating Transient in Boiling Water Reactors"
MA8237 BAW-10046, REV. 4, Method of Compliance with Fracture Toughness & Operational Requirements
MB0591 BAW-10164,(NP), Rev.1, "Limited Scope High Burn-Up Lead Test Assemblies"
MC0341 BAW-10166, BEACH APPENDICES H&I - Best Estimate Analyses for Core Heat Transfer, A Computer Program for Reflood Heat Transfer During LOCA
MB9684 BAW-10179, Rev. 5, "Safety Criteria and Methodology for Acceptable Cycle Reload Analyses"
MC6394 BAW-10179, Rev. 6, "Safety Criteria and Methodology for Acceptable Cycle Reload Analyses"
MB7548 BAW-10186, Rev 1, Supplement 1 Mark BW Extended Burnup
MC4262 BAW-10199(P), Addendum 3, "The BWU CHF Correlations"
MB7547 BAW-10231-P- COPERNIC MOX Application
MB7550 BAW-10238,"MOX Fuel Report"
MB7551 BAW-10239,"Advanced MARK-BAW Fuel Assembly Design"
MB7553 BAW-10240, "Incorporation of M5 Properties in Framatome ANP Approved Methods"
MB7033 BAW-10241, "BHTP DNB Correlation Applied with LYNXT"
MB9977 BAW-10242 (NP), Zero Power Physics testing for B&W Reactors
MC4531 BAW-10243(P) "Statistical Fuel Assembly Hold Down Methodology
MC0671 BAW-10244, "MK-BW CHF Correlations, Applied with XCOBRA-III C"
MC3783 BAW-10252(P), Revision 0, "Analysis of Containment Response to Postulated Pipe Ruptures Using GOTHIC"
MC1762 BAW-1543(NP) Rev. 4, Suppl. 5, Supplement to the Master Integrated Reactor Vessel Surveillance
MB9474 BAW-2241-P, Revision 2, Fluence and Uncertainty Methodologies
MB6336 BAW-2308, "Initial RT NDT of LINDE 80 Weld Material"
MB7831 EMF-2103-P, Realistic Large-Break LOCA Methodology
MB7680 EMF-2310 (P)(A), Clarification of Safety Evaluation for EMF-2310 (P)(A), SRP Chapter 15 Non-LOCA Methodology
MB6335 EMF-85-74-Clarification of Exposure Limit Applicable to Framatome ANP BWR Fuel RODEX2A
MB7552 EMF-85-74- Clarification of Exposure Limit Applicable to Framatome ANP BWR Fuel RODEX2A
MC3223 EMF-92-153, Revision 1, "HTP [High Thermal Performance]: Departure From Nucleate Boiling For High Temperature Performance Fuel"
MC5665 EMF-93-177, Rev. 1, "Mechanical Design for BWR Fuel Channels"
MC0329 EMG-2310 (P) Rev. 1, "SRP Chapter 15 Non-LOCA Methodology for Pressurized Water Reactors"
MB7557 PSC 2-00, “Core Flood Tank Line LOCA without LOOP”

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General Electric Nuclear Energy (GENE)/Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF)/Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group (BWROG) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MB2774 GESTR-LOCA AND SAFER Model Supplement 1, “Upper Bound PCT Calculation”
MB3311 NEDC-3272-P, REV.2, “GE Stacked Disk ECCS Suction Strainer”
MB3094 NEDC-32851, “GEXL14 Correlation for GE14 Fuel and NEDC-32464, REV. 2 GEXL10 Correlation for GE12 Fuel”
MA9537 NEDC-32938-P, “Generic Guidelines for GE BWR Thermal Power Optimization”
MA9891 NEDC-32983-P, “GE Methodology for RPV Fast Neutron Flux Evaluation”
MC3788 NEDC-32983P-A, “Confirmatory Calculations”

NEDC-32988, “Risk-Informed Modification to Selected Required Action End State for BWRs”

MB2510 NEDC-33004-P, “Constant Pressure Power Uprate”
MB2211 NEDC-33035-P, "TRACG Licensing - ECCS/LOCA Analysis”
MC4595 NEDC-33046,"Primary Containment Isolation Valve AOT Extension"
MB1737 NEDC-33075-P, "GE BWR Detect and Suppression Solution"
MC0666 NEDC-33107-P,“GEXL80 Correlation for SVEA96+ Fuel”
MC1798 NEDC-33139P, “Cladding Creep Collapse”
MC0347 NEDE-24011-P, "Amendment 27 to GESTAR II"
MC4078 NEDE-24011-P,"Amendment 28 to GESTAR II"
MC5039 NEDE-32906, “TRACG Application for Anticipated Operational Occurrences Transient Analysis”
MB6359 NEDE-32906-P, “TRACG Application for ATWS Overpressure Transient Analyses
MB9642 NEDO-33091, "Improved BPWS Control Rod Insertion Process"

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Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MB7964 CT-27332, Revision 2, "Missile Probability Analysis For Siemens 13.9m2 Retrofit Design of Low-Pressure Turbine"

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PWR Owners Group (formerly Westinghouse Owners Group - WOG) Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MB5754 WCAP-14040, R03-NP, "Methodology used to Develop Cold Overpressure Mitigating Systems Set Points and RCS Heat Up”
MA7995 WCAP-14572,RI-NP-A, Addendum 1, "Augmented Piping Inspection Programs-WOG Risk Informed ISI"
MB0983 WCAP-15376-P and WCAP-15377-NP, “Risk-informed RTS and ESFAS Surveillance Test Interval”
MB9516 WCAP-15604, “Limited Scope High Burnup Lead Test Assemblies”
MB2819 WCAP-15666, “Extension of RCP Motor Flywheel Examination”
MB5751 WCAP-15791, Rev. 0 " Risk-Informed Evaluation of Extensions to Containment Isolation Valve Completion Times"
MB9020 WCAP-15872, "Use of Alternate Decay Heat Removal in Mode 6 Refueling"
MB6805 WCAP-15973, "Low-Alloy Steel Component Corrosion Analysis Supporting Alloy 600/690 Nozzle Repair Program"
MB6982 WCAP-15996, "Technical Description Manual for the CENTS Code"
MB8724 WCAP-16011, "Startup Test Activity Reduction Program"
MC3974 WCAP-16083-NP, "Benchmark Testing of FERRET Code"
MC5800 WCAP-16396, “Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Performance for Appendix R”

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Westinghouse Vendor Reports

Task ID (TAC No.) Title
MC1646 WCAP-10125-P-A, Addendum 1-A, "Extended Burnup Evaluation of Westinghouse Fuel, Revision to Design Criteria"
MC4958 WCAP-12472, Add. 1, "Beacon Core Monitoring and Operation Support System"
MB6803 WCAP-12945-P-A and WCAP-14449-P-A, Addendum 1, “Method for satisfying 10 CFR 50.46 Reanalysis Requirements for Best-Estimate LOCA Evaluation Models"
MB8041 WCAP-14342,"Optimized ZIRLO"
MB9483 WCAP-14565, "Realistic Large-Break LOCA Evaluation Methodology using the Automatic Statistical Treatment of Uncertainty Method (ASTUM)"
MB9509 WCAP-14565-P, Addendum 1, and WCAP-15306 - NP-A, Addendum 1, "Qualification of ABB Critical Heat Flux Correlation with VIPRE-01 Code"
MB5740 WCAP-15836-P, Revision 0, " Rod Design Methods for Boiling Water Reactors - Supplement 1"
MC4592 WCAP-15942-P, "Fuel Assembly Mechanical Design Methodology for BWRs.”
MB8040 WCAP-16045, "Qualification of Two-Dimensional Transport Code Paragon"
MB8042 WCAP-16047, "BWR SVEA Fuel"
MB8721 WCAP-16072-P, "Implementation of Zirconium Diboride Burnable Absorber Coating in CE Nuclear Power Fuel Assembly Designs"
MB8908 WCAP-16078, "Westinghouse BWR ECCS Evaluation Model: Supplement 3 to Code Description, Qualification and Application to SVEA-96 Optimal Fuel"
MB9011 WCAP-16081,"10x10 SVEA Fuel Critical Power Experiments and CPR Correlation: SVEA 96 Optima 2"
MC2294 WCAP-16096,"Software Program Manual for Common Q Systems"
MC1644 WCAP-16182,"Westinghouse BWR Control Blade CR99 Licensing Report"
MC3036 WCAP-16259,"Westinghouse Methodology for Application of 3-D Transient Neutronics to Non-LOCA Accident Analysis
MC3065 WCAP-16260,"Spatially Corrected Inverse Count Rate (SCICR) Method for Subcritical Reactivity Measurement"
MC0327 WCAP-8963/4 Addendum 1 "Revised Fuel Rod Interval Pressure"

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