Byproduct Materials Sub-Arena

Byproduct materials comprise one of two sub-arenas that the staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) identified in considering which areas of the materials safety arena to target for greater use of risk information. This page summarizes the following aspects of this sub-arena with expanding menus:

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List of Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Activities

This list shows the ongoing licensing initiatives, projects, and activities that the staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has targeted for greater use of risk information in the Byproduct Materials Sub-Arena within the Materials Safety Arena:

Decommissioning Financial Assurance for Sealed and Unsealed Radioactive Materials Rulemaking (10 CFR Part 30, Appendix B)

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Inspection Manual Chapter 2800, "Materials Inspection Program"

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To further risk-inform nuclear materials inspection guidance, staff revised 10 inspection procedures in FY 2022. The revised procedures incorporate distinct risk modules specific to the modality being inspected. These inspection procedures used to have the same common focus elements regardless of the material use and modality. While those focus elements still represent important radiation protection and safety elements, the staff recognized that the risk profile for each modality could be different and therefore deserved the development of distinct risk modules per procedure. As part of incorporating more risk insights into our oversight program, staff divided the inspection guidance among risk modules, which focus the inspector’s attention to the areas of a licensee’s safety program that have the greatest potential to impact public health and safety and security. The risk modules that carry the highest risk components should always be reviewed in an inspection. Additional inspection elements that carry less risk can be found as an Appendix to these inspection procedures. These additional elements are not required to be reviewed every time as part of a risk-informed inspection approach but may be reviewed if the additional elements are related to safety issues identified in the risk-modules, or if multiple violations were identified through review of the applicable risk-modules.

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Animal Release Following Veterinary Treatment

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The NRC established a working group to develop a rulemaking plan to seek Commission approval to establish a regulatory framework for the release of animals that have been administered radioactive material as part of veterinary procedures. In a separate effort, the Commission approved resources for the staff to develop regulatory guidance for release of animals administered radioactive material.

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