2022 Standards Forum

The Forum aims at facilitating discussions on codes and standards needs within the nuclear industry and explore how to collaborate in accelerating the development of codes and standards and the NRC's endorsement of these codes and standards in its regulations and regulatory guides. The Forum is an interactive meeting, sponsored by the NRC, that engages stakeholders, such as standards development organizations (e.g. ACI, ANS, ASCE, ASME, ASTM, IEEE, etc.), utilities, research organizations, academia, and NRC staff.

Standards Forum Agenda

Time Topic Speaker
10:00 – 10:05 Welcome, logistics, introductions, and objectives NRC
10:05 – 11:20 Session 1: Update on Industry Codes and Standards Initiatives 
  1. ANS Nuclear Standards Collaborative (NSC) and Integration of ANS NSC into NEI-EPRI North American Advanced Reactor Roadmap (Donald Eggett, ANS, and Andrew Sowder, EPRI)

  2. ASME Standards Committee III Strategic Items Update and Proposal to Establish Alternate Requirements for Components Commensurate with Safety and Risk (Tom Basso, NEI, and Rachel Romano, ASME)

  3. Digital Twin Overview (Ben Holtzman, NEI)

  4. IEEE NPEC Standards Update (Robert Konnik, IEEE NPEC)

11:20 – 12:00 Session 2: Advanced Reactor Developers Perspectives on Codes and Standards

Perspectives from:
  1. NuScale (J.J. Arthur)
  2. TerraPower (Steven Unikewicz)
  3. X-Energy (Timothy Lucas)
NEI, NuScale, TerraPower, X-Energy
12:00 – 12:45 Lunch Break --
12:45 – 1:45


Session 3: Rapid Qualification of AMT Components – Is it Rocket Science?
  1. NASA’s Certification and Qualification Strategies for Additively Manufactured Hardware (Richard W. Russell, NASA)

  2. Feedback from CEA Standardization Experts (Thierry Lebarbe, CEA, France)

  3. Predictive Technologies and Nuclear Product Qualification (Matt LeVasseur, BWXT)

  4. Perspectives from Relativity (Josh Brost, Relativity)

BWXT, CEA France, NASA, Relativity
1:45 – 2:15 Session 4: Regulatory Initiatives for Streamlining Code & Standards Endorsement
  1. Streamlining ASME Rulemaking (Ian Tseng)

  2. Information SECY-22-0075, “Staff Requirements -SECY 21 0029 Inservice Testing and Inservice Inspection Program Rulemakings Update” (David Rudland)

  3. Regulatory Guidance Framework for IEEE Electrical Standards (Sheila Ray)

2:15 – 3:40 Session 5: Recent and Planned Developments and Updates in Codes and Standards, Part 1
  1. Research and Advanced Reactor Consensus Committee (RARCC), 2022 Activities (George Flanagan, ANS)

  2. ANS-30.3 -2022, Light-Water Reactor Risk-Informed, Performance-based Design (Kent Welter, ANS)

  3. New ASME Standard on  Plant Systems Design (Ralph Hill, ASME)

  4. ASME QME-2 Qualification of Mechanical Equipment and ASME OM-2 Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants (Steven Unikewicz, ASME)

  5. ASME Section III Seismic Design Steering Group – Introduction (Timothy Adams, ASME)


3:40 – 3:50



3:50 – 5:10

Session 6: Recent and Planned Developments and Updates in Codes and Standards, Part 2

  1. NRIC Program & ACT Overview (Christy Williams, NRIC)

  2. Planned Updated Code Provisions for Steel-Plate Composite Construction for the New Edition of the AISC N690 (Ronald Janowiak, AISC)

  3. ASCE 1, 4, and 43 - What the Next Year will Bring (Andrew Whittaker, ASCE)

  4. Modernization of the ASME Section III, Div. 2 Code (John McLean, ASME)

  5. ACI Technical Committee 349, Concrete Nuclear Structures (Madhumita Sircar, NRC and Carlos Cantarero Leal, ACI)


5:10 – 5:15

Summary of key takeaways and closing remarks


Meeting Summary
2022 Standards Forum Meeting Summary

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