Rules Actions and Events of Interest to Tribes

This page is intended to assemble search links to:

  • Rulings affecting Tribal Nations, usually described in STC Letters,
  • Licensing actions affecting Tribal Nations, usually produced by NRR, and
  • Meetings concerning issues affecting Tribal Nations.

Upon consulting this page, a tribal nation should use their best judgment about whether to ask for consultation about particular items.

Rulings affecting Tribal Nations

State and Tribal Communications Letters may be searched here.

Licensing Actions Affecting Tribal Nations

General information about the licensing process can be found starting at the How We Regulate "Licensing" page.

Specific reactor licensing actions can be found under each reactor's page under Operating Nuclear Power Reactors (by Location or Name).

Preliminary Notifications of significant safety or safeguards concern or have high public interest, reported by regions, can be found at Preliminary Notifications, click the desired year.

Meetings Concerning Tribal Nations

The NRC Public Meeting Schedule may be found here.

State and Tribal Communications tagged for meetings and/or upcoming events may be found at Agreement State Action Items and Due Dates, click the desired year.

Once requested, tribal consultations are private though they may concern topics from public meetings.