1.0 Site Identification

Location: Richland,WA
License No.: SNM-1227
Docket No.: 70-1257
License Status: Active License
Project Manager: Mary T. Adams

2.0 Site Status Summary

This facility had five lagoons which were used as part of the waste-water treatment process. The Washington State Department of Ecology ("Ecology") ordered the licensee to close the lagoons. The licensee and Ecology entered into a consent decree agreement identifying enforceable milestones for completion of closure of the lagoons. These milestones include emptying the lagoons by September 8, 2004 and submitting a closure certificate for the lagoons by August 8, 2006.

As of 2004, the lagoons have been removed from service and have been sealed off from process streams. All removable liquid has been removed and processed. Sludge has been removed from all the lagoons. Sub-liner soil removal is complete.

Activities from 2004 until closure included preliminary characterization, remediation, and removal of soil between the liners, as well as soil below the liners.

3.0 Major Technical or Regulatory Issues

note a name change to AREVA NP effective 3/15/06

Note that F-ANP's updated Decommissioning Funding Plan was approved in June 2006, and reflected revised estimates as lagoon closure is complete.

4.0 Estimated Date For Closure

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