General Atomics - TRIGA Mark F

1.0 Site Identification

Type of Site: Research and Test Reactor Facility
Location: San Diego, CA
License No.: R-67
Docket No.: 50-163
License Status: License Terminated
Project Manager: None

2.0 Site Status Summary

The main General Atomics (GA) campus is located on a 120-acre site in California, approximately 15 miles north of downtown San Diego. GA's main facilities contain over one million square feet of engineering and test facilities, precision manufacturing installations, and advanced technology laboratories.

Areas adjacent to the TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics) facility include a building that contained a hot cell for fuel examination and other work, and a radioactive waste tank area. These facilities were decommissioned and the NRC license terminated in 2000.

The TRIGA Mark F was built at GA in 1960. This reactor was designed to provide controlled, instantaneous pulses of intense neutron and gamma radiation for research studies where high-neutron flux and narrow pulse widths were required. The licensee has dismantled the Mark F reactor to the extent possible. It ceased operation in 1995.

Decommissioning activities at GA were put on hold pending the transfer of fuel to DOE, which occurred in 2010, where all irradiated fuel elements from the TRIGA reactors located on the Torrey Pines Mesa were shipped to an authorized off-site storage facility at the Idaho National Laboratory In 2018, GA finished developing a plan and schedule to complete decommissioning of the facility and termination of the NRC license. Decommissioning of the GA TRIGA Mark F reactor, including the final status survey, is complete, license termination activities were completed in 2021, and the license was terminated on December 7, 2021.

Major Technical or Regulatory Issues


4.0 Estimated Date For Closure

Part 50 license terminated December 7, 2021

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