Rio Algom – Lisbon Valley

General Site Information

Site Location: San Juan County, UT
Agreement State License Number: UT1900481
Agreement State Contact: Phil Goble
NRC Agreement State Site Monitor: Duncan White
NRC Site Monitor: Thomas Lancaster

2.0 Site Description

The Rio Algom – Lisbon Valley site is located in San Juan County, Utah, approximately 2 miles south of the rural community of La Sal. The site is approximately 30 miles southeast of Moab, Utah, and approximately 35 miles north of Monticello, Utah.

3.0 Site History

The Uranium mining and milling occurred at the Site from 1972 to 1989. Two tailings impoundments were operated during mining. The former Lisbon Valley Uranium Mill has been decommissioned and was done under NRC oversight. Rio Algom has been the only licensee and operator for the former Mill site.

Seepage of tailings water from the impoundments was the source of uranium contamination in the groundwater. In 2004, NRC approved ACLs for the site before Utah became an Agreement State. After the State of Utah became an Agreement State, the Utah Division of Radiation Control had concerns regarding the ACL concentrations. The ground water monitoring compliance requirements, and compliance limits were revised.

A construction completion report documenting the site reclamation activities was submitted to the State of Utah in November 2013.

4.0 Current NRC actions/status

NRC currently has no actions for the site until the CRR is submitted by the State of Utah.

5.0 Expected Transition to DOE for LTS&M

2027 (See DOE LM Site Management Guide, June 2022)

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