NRC Oversight Activities - 2007

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Entergy's Annual Radioactive Effuent Release Report for Indian Point for 2006 describes the groundwater and storm water activity and calculates the potential dose in section H.

03/05/2007 Recent analytical results from fish that were sampled from the Hudson River in August 2006, as part of Entergy's radiological environmental monitoring program for Indian Point, indicated low levels of strontium-90. Lower levels of strontium-90 (about 13 pCi/kg) were found in fish in the immediate vicinity of Indian Point compared to concentrations (as high as 26 pCi/kg) found in fish collected at Indian Point's control location (about 25 to 30 miles upriver), an area expected to be unaffected by Indian Point effluents. While review of current and historical information suggest that the strontium-90 is likely the result of background due to previous nuclear weapons testing, Entergy and NRC are cooperating with New York State-Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS/DEC) in an effort to conduct a rigorous split sampling and analytical effort to establish the range Sr-90 concentration in selected fish species that may be attributable to background. The effort is planned to be performed in April/May 2007.
02/08/2007 Upon completion of its thirty-six onsite groundwater monitoring wells, Entergy initiated action to map the pathway of Unit-2 spent fuel pool leakage by performance of tracer dye injection testing. Monitoring for the tracer at various sampling locations is expected to enhance the site conceptual model with more relevant information on groundwater flow rate and direction. Duration of this test is expected to last approximately 13 weeks.