Application Review Schedule for Willow Creek

The following table summarizes the key milestones in the schedule that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has established for its review of the application that Uranium One USA, Inc. submitted to renew its license for the Willow Creek in situ recovery facility.

Key Milestones Completion Date
Actual - A
Target - T
Application Tendered 5/30/08 – A
Acceptance Review
Docketing Decision Letter Issued/Acceptance Review Complete
12/24/08 – A
Safety Review
Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) Issued to Applicant
3/24/09 – A
Final Safety Evaluation Report (SER) completed
10/2011 – T
Environmental Review
RAIs Issued to Applicant
3/24/09 – A
Draft EA issued
5/25/10 – A
Public comment period
6/9/10 – A
Final EA issued
7/7/11 – A
Licensing Action Completed
10/2011 – T

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