2017 Public Meetings Regarding Uranium Recovery

This page lists, in chronological order, the public meetings that the staff of the U.S.Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) conducted (or participated in) in 2017 to discuss topics related to Uranium Recovery. These meetings may relate to licensed facilities; applications in review; expected applications, restarts, and expansions; or sites undergoing decommissioning. They also include the annual Uranium Recovery Workshop, in which NRC staff meet with the National Mining Association to exchange information. The workshop is attended by uranium recovery licensees, staff of State and Federal agencies, and members of the public. To learn about future meetings, see our Public Meetings and Involvement page.

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Date Description

Technical meeting to discuss Crow Butte Resources, Inc.'s evaporation pond requirements amendment request for Materials License SUA-1534


Public Meeting with Cameco to discuss Request for Additional Information regarding the Smith Ranch License Renewal


Technical meeting to discuss Health Physics Requests for Additional Information (RAIs), Open Issues, and Amended Application for Ludeman Project Amendment Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Safety Evaluation Report (SER)

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