W24 Inspiring a Generation of Nuclear Leaders

In this dynamic regulatory environment, the NRC is transforming to become a modern, risk informed regulator. To ensure the success of the agency in making the safe use of nuclear technology possible, the NRC is taking steps to attract and retain the next new generation of nuclear leaders by investing in our people, modernizing our decisionmaking, and fostering a culture of change and innovation. The NRC is also embracing the evolving nuclear environment, new technologies, and workforce and workload future demands.

The session will cover the agency’s efforts in hiring, motivating, and retaining the next generation of nuclear leaders. Representatives from other Federal agencies and private entities will also provide insights into preparing for the workforce of the 21st century and beyond. This will include interactive discussions between panelists and the audience to share ideas and create new goals to meet future nuclear energy demands.

  • Candace Spore, Reliability and Risk Analyst, PRA Oversight Branch, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-8537, e-mail: Candace.Spore@nrc.gov
  • Candace Spore, Reliability and Risk Analyst, PRA Oversight Branch, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC
  • Gladys Figueroa-Toledo, Differing Views Program Manager, Concerns Resolution Branch, OE/NRC
  • Luis Betancourt, Technical Assistant, Division of Operating Reactor Licensing, NRR/NRC
  • Carl Perez, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elysium Industries
  • Christina Leggett, Reactor Systems Engineer, Accident Analysis Branch, Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC
  • Retention in Nuclear
    Amber Von Ruden, Vice President, North American Young Generation in Nuclear and Minh-Thuy Nguyen , Nuclear Engineer, RPB, Division of Safety Analysis, RES/NRC
  • Suzanne Hobbs Baker, Creative Director, Fastest Path to Zero Initiative, University of Michigan
  • Hector Rodriguez-Luccioni, International Safeguards Analyst, Material Control & Accounting Branch, Division of Fuel Management, NMSS/NRC
  • Ho Nieh, Office Director, NRR/NRC
  • Jennifer Uhle, Vice President, Generation and Supplies, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Austin Young, Materials Engineer, Piping and Head Penetrations Branch, Division of New and Renewed Licenses, NRR/NRC

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