W26 Leaving the FAX Machine Behind: Transforming Notification and Response Systems into 21st Century Communications

Federal, state, and local governments as well as industry are embarking upon changes in their emergency response processes to reflect the technological advances available in 2020. This session will address these transformative changes and will include topics such as the new Joint Information System being rolled out by industry that is expected to allow real-time incident information to be shared between off-site response organizations and public affairs officials; advance technological concepts being employed by licensees for real-time Evacuation Time Estimates; and the NRC's and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s views on the use of the Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems. Lastly, the session will include a presentation by a foreign counterpart which is currently using some of these emergency preparedness and response technologies on a national level.
  • Kathryn Brock, Director, Division of Preparedness and Response, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-415-3735, e-mail: Kathryn.Brook@nrc.gov
  • Raymond Gibson, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Policy & Oversight Branch, Division of Preparedness and Readiness, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-3614, e-mail: Raymond.Gibson@nrc.gov

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