W30 Update on Fuel Cycle, Storage, and Transportation Licensing and Regulatory Issues

This Session will present an update on fuel cycle, storage, and transportation licensing and regulatory issues with a focus on licensing initiatives within the Division of Fuel Management. Presentations will include an overview of the Smarter Licensing effort undertaken by a working group, chartered in April 2019, to conduct a holistic assessment of the Fuel Cycle licensing program to improve its effectiveness and efficiency and will highlight stakeholder engagement, consideration of risk insights, and key recommendations from the working group's final report as well as envisioned implementation. Presentations will also include the graded approach to Spent Fuel licensing, adoption of NEI 12-04, and the margins assessment suggested by NEI. Industry will be invited to provide their perspective on the enhancements to licensing implemented by the Division of Fuel Management. Efforts will be made to identify a foreign regulator to provide perspective of fuel facility/spent fuel licensing.
  • Jake Zimmerman, Chief, Fuel Facility Licensing Branch, Division of Fuel Management, NMSS/NRC tel: 301-415-1220, e-mail: Jacob.Zimmerman@nrc.gov
  • Richard Jervey, Fuel Cycle Operations Engineer, Inspection & Oversight Branch, Division of Fuel Management, NMSS/NRC tel: 301-415-6201, e-mail: Richard.Jervey@nrc.gov

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