Gary Miller

Gary Miller is the Engineering Technical Leader for PRA at GE-Hitachi (GEH) and has over 40 years of commercial nuclear experience. Prior to joining GEH in 2006, Gary performed several engineering roles at the Brunswick and Harris nuclear plants focusing on nuclear safety, licensing, and PRA. At GEH, Gary led the development of the design certification PRA for the ESBWR advanced reactor, as well as the development of PRAs for the PRISM and VTR sodium fast reactors. Relative to the Licensing Modernization Process, he currently serves as the GEH representative on the industry working group for LMP for which his PRA team applied the LMP methodology to the PRISM PRA. Gary earned a Senior Reactor Operator Certification at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant, is a Professional Engineer, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University.

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