Anthony Memmo

As project manager with Seneca Energy I am responsible for the operation of a 1.5 MW Wind Turbine located on the Cattaraugus Territory as well as a 1.9 MW Solar array on the Allegany Territory. Seneca Energy is also responsible for smaller solar arrays of various kW ratings on both Territories that provide for a reduction in energy use from the grid for smaller facilities.

As the Seneca Nation’s radiation specialist I maintain a seat on the West Valley Demonstration Project Citizens Task Force and am responsible for monitoring and reporting on the movement of radioactive materials through Seneca Nation lands.

In the past I have been a member of the State and Tribal Governments Working Group (STGWG) and currently a member of the Tribal Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee (TRMTC), the TEPP Working Group.

Education Background:
Applied Science Program: State University of New York
Environmental Technology: State University of New York
Radiation Technician: Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS), Nevada National Security Site (NNSA)
Radiation Specialist: DOE TEPP

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