Satoshi Fujita

Prof. Satoshi Fujita, a JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) Fellow, had ten years of management experience as a director, a dean of school of engineering and a vice-president of Tokyo Denki University.  He has been engaged in engineering research and development of seismic isolation systems and vibration control systems for buildings or key industrial facilities for over 35 years at Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo and Tokyo Denki University.  In recent ten years, he has been not only a vice chairman of Seismic Design Subcommittee, Nuclear Standards Committee of the Japan Electric Association, but also a committee member of the Panel on Infrastructure Development of Japanese ministry of land, infrastructure and transport (MLIT), and a chair of the Special Committee on Analysis and Evaluation of Lifts, Escalators and Amusement Facilities Accidents and Failures held in MILIT.  In addition, he has been a chair of the ISO TC178 Japanese committee.

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