Charles Crisostomo

Charles Crisostomo, BS. Environmental Health, Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM). Have worked for Montgomery County Government for past 18 years, with the past 10 years in Emergency Management. Prior to that I worked for US Territory of Guam as an infectious disease epidemiologist, the state Director of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the Guam Economic Development Authority.

While I have worked in widely diverse fields over my career, the one common thread was being involved in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. From measles, cholera and dengue fever outbreaks, to a 747 Korean airline crash, numerous category 4 and 5 typhoons and an 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

My arrival in the Washington DC area, in July 2001, brought me here just in time to experience the 911 terrorist attacks, the Anthrax mailings and the DC Sniper events.

In my time with Montgomery County's Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security I have managed the development and update of the County's Emergency Operations Plan, Hazard Mitigation plan, Disaster Recovery Plan and its Threat Identification and Hazard Risk Analysis. Key emergency response activations include the blizzards of 2010 and 2016, the Derecho of 2012, the Gas Explosion and Fire in silver spring (2016) and the 2013 F0 tornado. In 2015 actively participated in the initial Emergency Management Accreditation of the Montgomery County Government and recently the 2020 EMAP re-accreditation.

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