Carl Perez

Carl has always been passionate about the nexus of energy and geopolitics. In his final year of Undergraduate Studies a the Babson College, he decided to co-found Elysium as a sustainable technology vendor, along with fellow students and experienced engineers. He believes that providing affordable clean energy will mark the first step in tackling global poverty and pollution; thereby reducing the prevalence of civil strife. Having been anti-nuclear until recently, Carl realized that nuclear innovation is crucial to the industry's re-branding and inclusion in most energy mix projections/government plans.  Elysium's reactor technology is being developed with a consensus-based approach to address the industry's key obstacles: the negative perceptions around safety, nuclear waste, and arms proliferation. Elysium's reactor concept is walk-away safe and can consume nuclear waste (SNF, separated Plutonium, Depleted Uranium...) to generate centuries' worth of carbon-free, abundant, and reliable power.

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