Mauri Lemoncelli

Ms. Lemoncelli has been practicing administrative law for nearly 20 years and has focused her practice on matters related to NRC investigations and enforcement.  She began her career at the NRC in 2000 as a Summer Law Clerk and, after graduating from Catholic University, Columbus School of Law, was accepted into the Honor Law Graduate Program.  For a period of three years, Ms. Lemoncelli was in private practice at a large law firm in Washington, D.C. where she continued to focus on nuclear law.  Upon her return to NRC,  Ms. Lemoncelli has served in the Operating Reactors,  New Reactors, and High Level Waste, Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Security Divisions in the Office of the General Counsel; she has also served in the Office of the Executive Director for Operations.  Ms. Lemoncelli is currently the Deputy Assistant General Counsel in the Materials Litigation and Enforcement Division and is completing the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program.

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