Andrea Maioli

Dr. Andrea Maioli is a Fellow Engineer with the Risk Analysis Group of Westinghouse Electric Company. Dr. Maioli has a master and PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Milano University and has been with Westinghouse for the past 17 years.

He has supported and led PRA development and risk informed applications for the current fleet and for Westinghouse advanced plant designs such as the AP1000, Westinghouse SMR, IRIS. Most recently he has been the PRA technical lead for the eVinci™ Micro Reactor.

Dr. Maioli is the vice chair of the ANS/ASME Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management Standard Maintenance Subcommittee, chartered with the maintenance of the ASME PRA Standard, and was one of the authors of the ANS/ASME Non LWR PRA Standard.

Dr. Maioli is also a PRA peer review lead with the PWROG and a member of the NEI Peer Review Task Force currently working at the development of the NEI guidance for advanced reactors PRAs.

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