Stewart Jackson

Stewart Jackson has over 36 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and manager in the aerospace industry. He spent a decade and a half working for several key aerospace companies. Stewart started his career working for RCA Space Center in Princeton, New Jersey, where he led programs involved in space craft design, integration and test, systems analysis, systems engineering, and robotics and space servicing. He moved on to Fairchild Space Center in Germantown, Maryland, where he continued to focus on robotics and space servicing by leading an engineering team to develop a spacecraft-berthing device to be used on the space shuttle. Stewart accepted an opportunity to work for Matra Marconi Space in Toulouse, France, where he spent nearly 2 years working on various space craft analyses and designs. In 1994, he joined the Office of Commercial Space Transportation and immediately got involved in commercial launch vehicle safety. Stewart has led teams in granting AST's first reentry operator's license, first launches, its operator's license, first international inspection, and the development of the RLV regulations.

Stewart holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (BEME) from City University of New York and a M.B.A. from Strayer University. He has also obtained the level of Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.//Stewart has received several achievement awards from RCA Space Center, Fairchild Space Center, and the FAA/AST.

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