Jay Siberg

Mr. Silberg is a partner in the nuclear energy practice at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman.  After starting his legal career in the Office of the General Counsel of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1966, he joined Shaw Pittman in 1969 and has been involved in all phases of nuclear law since then.  He has been responsible for the licensing of many of the US commercial nuclear fleet, from construction permits to operating licenses, to license renewals and transfers and all aspects of the on-going plant operation.  Starting with the decommissioning of the Shippingport reactor, Mr. Silberg has provided legal and regulatory advice for the shutdowns of demonstration and commercial plants and non-reactor facilities.  Since the mid-1970's, Mr. Silberg has played a significant role in nuclear waste issues, including specific and general licenses for at-reactor storage, the licensing the proposed Private Fuel Storage and the Holtec HI-STORE facilities, and the Yucca Mountain repository.  Mr. Silberg has been a key player representing the utility industry with respect to the Government's obligation to dispose of nuclear waste from the commercial reactor fleet, leading the litigation in the US Courts of Appeals  and the Supreme Court which established the utilities' rights to recover breach of contract damages resulting from DOE's failure take the utilities' spent fuel and the suspension of DOE's collection of the Nuclear Waste Fee absent a functioning DOE waste program.  Mr. Silberg has also appeared before most of the US Courts of Appeals in support of his clients on a wide range of nuclear issues.

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