Kenneth Jones

Ken is closing-in on fifty-four years in the work force. Starting-out as a trade apprentice with Rolls Royce Aero Engine Division in Derby, (pronounced with an 'a') England, and through various career twist-and-turns finally landing as a Management System Specialist with the CNSC.  His nuclear career began as a Quality Surveyor/Engineer with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., overseeing the procurement, through source surveillance and audits, of CANDU equipment.  This included an assignment (1984-1988) in Bucharest, Romania as part of the AECL Quality Assurance Assistance Group, assisting their Romanian partner to qualify Romanian vendors to manufacture CANDU equipment; then perform the quality oversight of their manufacture (Ken's better half has never forgiven him for taking her and their son there).  Ken joined the CNSC (then called the Atomic Energy Controlled Board) in 1997, or thereabouts, in the Quality Assurance Group assessing licensees quality assurance / management systems.  In 2005 he left the CNSC to take on the challenge in South Africa as the EPCM Project QA Manager for SNC Lavalin on the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor demonstration plant project. Following a secondment into the PBMR organization, Ken held various safety, health, environmental and quality managerial roles for the reactor plant and fuel plant - design and procurement phases until the project was cancelled in 2009.  Ken returned to Canada and the CNSC (his better half never forgiving him for leaving South Africa) into the re-branded Management System Division.  Ken is currently involved in, amongst other things, the SMR Vendor Design Review process, reviewing vendors' management systems, and looking at one Application to Prepare Site.  Ken will be retiring at the end of this year for hopefully a quiet time, unless previously mentioned better half has other plans.  Ken's main interest is supporting his beloved football team, Derby County, who are not currently returning that love with their performances.

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