Hugh Robertson

Mr. Robertson is the Director General of the Directorate of Regulatory Improvement and Major Projects Management (DRIMPM). In this position, he leads a dynamic team that supports the CNSC's mission and mandate by managing the licensing of new nuclear reactors, supporting the Regulatory Safety Culture program, implementing and maintaining the CNSC’s Management System, managing the operations planning and performance process, as well as coordinating cross cutting corporate improvement initiatives under the Harmonized Plan.

Prior to joining the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in 2005, Mr. Robertson worked at the Department of National Defence in various Information Technology management positions.

In 2014-2015 Mr. Robertson accepted an assignment with the Chief Information Officer for the Government of New Zealand, as Manager of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Operations Assurance. In this role he was responsible for implementing and monitoring a standard ICT assurance program across all major government departments.

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